Robert and Pipedreams transformed my new flat, which looked cold and ugly, into the home I always dreamt of having in London.  They created not only a beautifully refurbished flat but also, a unique space with a clear personality that suits mine and my family's lifestyle.

Robert has been wonderful, he fulfilled all my desires and was always flexible with my wishes.  It has not been an easy job being abroad whilst the refurbishment has been going on, but nevertheless, Robert has always found the time to keep in contact with me at every stage.

They have always been professional, delivering on what was promised, many times exceeding my expectations and Robert's taste is impeccable, which gave me the confidence for him to deal with all the small details.  He is incredibly creative, always finding a way to continue with the inspiration and wonderful innovative design ideas.  Being a family of artists and working in contemporary art, keeping up with trends is a must!                                                 K. Tsereteli