As founder and Managing Director of Pipedreams Interiors, Robert Brown has been at the forefront of the renovation & interior design industry for over 25 years.

After beginning his career with the ground breaking company 'Smallbone' of Devizes, Robert began developing his own truly bespoke new designs for both bathrooms and kitchens.  His sourcing of rare marble, wood and precious metals, gave him the opportunity to eventually create his own business throughout the UK, Europe and United States.  His work is constantly challenging and evocative, always innovative, yet somehow always timeless.

Of his design philosophy, he says "I find creativity and innovation to be my primary motives.  I truly enjoy building a strong rapport with all my clients, listening intently to their needs and requirements, whilst being able to maintain my own design stamp.  How my clients feel in the space I'm creating for them, is as important as how it eventually looks..... you cannot have one without the other".

Robert's interior design success comes from his real dedication to every project, large or small..... from the initial consultation to the final finish.  This commitment has allowed him, over the years, to work for some truly diverse and prestigious clients from Sharon Osborne to Baroness Margaret Thatcher.

Robert Brown in a large photo frame